Mobile Crusher Mobile Rock Crusher Vehicle-mounted Crusher Crawler Mobile Crusher

In recent years, the new infrastructure has stimulated domestic demand and continuously promoted the transformation and upgrading of the sand and gravel industry. As a basic material in building materials, sand and gravel aggregates account for a large proportion of the consumption, and are also pursuing the creation of green mines, intelligent mines, digital mines, etc. “Mobile Crusher” slowly approached everyone’s field of vision, what kind of equipment is this? Here we take you to know more details.
The mobile crushing station is also called a mobile crusher. It is different from the conventional stone crushing equipment. It can directly select the site, drive to the site, and directly produce the finished aggregate without transportation. It is especially suitable for some small crushing sites. For example, in the treatment of urban construction waste, its successful launch not only eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation construction during crushing, saving a lot of time, but also improves the user’s investment income.
Mobile crushers are mainly used for the processing and production of mobile stone materials in the construction industry, sand and gravel plants, infrastructure projects, road construction projects and other departments, which can truly reduce production costs for customers and create more new business opportunities.
According to the choice of vehicle chassis, the mobile crushing station can be divided into two types: tire type and crawler type. Among them, the tire mobile crushing station is mainly used for the crushing of small and medium-sized ore and stone yards, as well as some urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations. However, the crawler mobile crushing station is generally used in a harsher environment, and even requires climbing operations in large-scale crushing production lines.
According to the different fineness of crushed products, the mobile crushing station produced by our factory can be divided into three categories: coarse, medium and fine, mainly including jaw mobile crushing station, impact mobile crushing station and cone mobile crusher. , impact mobile crushing station, etc. As for how to choose them, everything will be determined by the type of local raw materials of the customer and the requirements for output and finished materials.

Post time: Oct-17-2022